HR Liaison and Payroll Services

Team growth. Happier employees. Smoother sailing.

Your people are your most important asset. But how can a startup or growth stage company best compensate and build a team with strong alignment and the right level of HR structure. Our HR Liaison and Payroll services can help:

  • Experience payroll processing
  • Policy and training
  • Iron clad employee files

Key Benefits - HR Services

Team Growth

We help you grow your team, making the employee onboarding experience as easy and complete as possible.

The right balance

We help implement the right degree of HR policies, training and procedures for an innovative dynamic team.

Payroll Confidence

Ensure your team gets paid the right amount at the right time. Work with your PEO and your employees to ensure nothing's missed.

What We Do

Your team is growing and changing. So the employee files, compensation and payroll complexity will increase. Employees onboard or offboard, they get bonuses or variable compensation, they go on leave, and they get promotions. Compensation motivates, and incorrect pay creates relationship risk. Our role is to ensure the employee files are up to date and that payroll gets run correctly.

HR at Growth Companies


Implement scalable online payroll system
Integrate payroll and bookkeeping systems

Research benefit plans
Benefit plan management

Employee Manual

Liaison employee handbook creation


Employee files
Multi-state registration

Case History

Omnyway Inc.

HR Services

From 3 to 23 employees, and Fortune 500 compliance.


Omnyway is a fintech startup that provides a global payments solution and integrated marketing to allow merchants to accept any number of digital wallets using their existing POS solution. When Omnway approached Coffinity, they needed to get serious about their accounting and HR practices in order to grow their team and serve enterprise clients.

  • 3 employees, in house.
  • Inadequate employee handbook, onboarding and offboarding policies.

Fortune 500 customer base had compliance requirements that would extend to auditing Omnyway’s onboarding procedures, offboarding procedures and background checks.

Finding the right healthcare insurance plan for the growing team

  • Researching 401k, health plans and PEO options
  • Determined the need to find a PEO service, selected and hired the PEO
  • Determined the need to find additional legal support
  • Coordinating with managers and PEOs to set up state specific training for employees
  • Developed onboarding and offboarding procedures
  • Growth from 3 to 23 employees
  • Ability to serve Fortune 500 companies in various states with confidence

High-Growth Clients

Our Expertise

Coffinity uses and supports the best technologies for managing your Accounting, HR and back office operations.

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