Fractional CFO Service

Growth through financial planning, discipline and optimal decisions

Without expert financial guidance, you risk making common mistakes, wasting time and spending inefficiently. But a startup can't afford a senior CFO on full-time staff. We give you CFO-level expertise and experience that scales with your needs:

  • Smoothest path to growth
  • An experienced touch with investors
  • Scalable processes and systems 

Key Benefits - CFO Services

Navigate Big Decisions

Based on experience and based on real data and rigorous analysis.

Financial Growth Strategy

Understand how to flow cash through your business for best effect.

Scalable Model

Build budgets and forecasts that scale with your business.

What We Do

Growth companies need senior-level financial expertise to help navigate the big decisions and build financial operations that are scalable, robust, and efficient. We’ve helped founders, investors, and management teams make smarter decisions based on real data. We can give you clearer insight into your company’s financial realities and opportunities and help you build the processes and tools you need to develop and execute a successful growth strategy.

The Ultimate Guide to Scale Finance

Budgets, Forecasts, Projections

Business planning & modeling
Financial forecasts
Rolling cash forecasts
Cash management and cash-burn analysis
Annual operating budgets

Finance Strategy

Revenue Recognition
Product Pricing

Investor Relations

Equity and debt negotiations
Investor relations
Financial presentations
Financial due diligence
Stock option administration 


Implementation of financial systems
Collaboration with outside audit, tax, and legal professionals

Case History

Interactive Clinical Technologies

CFO Services

From 4 to 20 employees, and a $25 million payoff.


ICT was a Technology service provider for the Pharmaceutical industry. Their IVRS system helped pharmaceutical companies organize clinical trials, disburse the right amount of the expensive drug to the right people and gather all the data for the trial. The founders had experience in the space, but limited experience in startup finance and accounting. They needed help to scale the business.

  • 2 co-founders, 4 employees. 
  • No outside investors.
  • No accounting function.

Cash flow was difficult to manage, with some billing being up front and some over the life of a contract. Internal tensions arose as the business grew, with founders and teams not being aligned.

  • Coffinity joined the founding management team as CFO
  • Established and ran the accounting depart, trained the bookkeeper
  • Determined how to incentivize employees with an option pool
  • Through contacts at VCs, secured a loan and LOC
  • Helped put a deal together for acquisition and align all parties to it
  • 3 years of operation
  • Grew from 4 to 20 employees
  • Grew to $5+ million in revenue and $20 million in contracts
  • Sold the company for $25 million

High-Growth Clients

Our Expertise

Coffinity uses and supports the best technologies for managing your Accounting, HR and back office operations.

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