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CFO Services

Senior financial leadership for planning and analysis, governance, risk management, budgeting and capital.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Streamline routine operations and optimize transactional efficiency. Get reliable financial data for decision making.

HR & Payroll

Expert oversight and management of your payroll operations and HR administration. We make sure everyone gets paid.

Our PurPose

Your Smooth Path to Growth and Scale

Who we are

A small team of finance and accounting professionals, with decades of experience in Venture Capital firms and startups.

What we do

We run a smooth back office and help you make smarter, more informed decisions. Which means your company grows, with fewer bumps on the road.

Who for

We work with venture-backed startups and growth-stage technology companies.

Some of Our Clients

Mike Long has been a fantastic member of the Genies executive team. He has helped us grow from a few employees to over 30 by putting in place practices and systems to enable and sustain growth. His insights have helped us scale our revenue, track spending, and do effective financial projections. Mike and team are key parts of the Genies growth story.

Evan Rosenbaum

CPO / Co-Founder, Genies

Coffinity has been absolutely essential in allowing our robotics start-up to focus on the technology, not the day to day financials. As a CEO, and a VP of Engineering, my roles are already split thin. Unloading everything from our book-keeping to purchase orders and accounts payables, and even proforma generation and counseling, allows us to focus our time on the nuts and bolts.

Jon Gowa

CEO, Bloom Automation

Mike and Annmarie have been a trusted and integral partner in the growth of our company. Their knowledge and guidance from the first day we opened to now has helped our company grow exponentially in the 4 years we have been in business. We could not be happier with their work and focus on helping us grow.

Jason Campbell

Co-owner, Slack Tide

Our Expertise

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