August 18


Quickbooks Online and Xero Helps and Hacks

There is new technology coming out every day to help businesses maximize their productivity, Quickbooks Online and Xero are just two examples. With a shift in our technological stratosphere comes learning new software, new tricks, and new lingo– and it can be difficult to keep up. We understand that your time is valuable, and spending time navigating systems can’t always be fit into your busy day, so we have put together tips for Quickbooks Online and Xero that you may not have known, but can greatly help your use of these programs.

QuickBooks Online (QBO) 5 Top Tips

  1. Use google chrome browser, it is the best browser to use. If you use chrome, you can have a duplicate tab, and if you have multiple screens, this can help keep your thoughts organized while using the program. Remember to clear cache and cookies if something goes wrong. 
  2. When using multicurrency, in the bank reconciliation function, sometimes you need to double click into a transaction to show the amount in the correct currency, otherwise, your reconciliation won’t reconcile. 
  3. BitCoin is not supported by QBO. Previously this was an option, though the feature has recently been terminated.
  4. Learn the shortcuts – using hacks to navigate through Quickbooks, such as tabbed browsing for multiple open windows, bookmark bar, and keyboard shortcuts. Learn the keyboard shortcuts, it will help your efficiency. 
  5. Calculate in Data Fields – when your cursor is in the amount/rate field – put in your calculation “100+50” or * or / for multiply or divide and then press the tab button. The result will calculate for you.

Xero Tips

  1. Create customized roles – For each user you can set up roles, this lets you fully collaborate with everyone who uses/impacts your business and control who has access to your sensitive documentation.
  2. Make the most of the Plus Icon, when clicked this plus icon lets you create a number of different transactions. 
  3. Set up invoice reminders – Under settings>General settings>Invoice settings, you will see an invoice reminder option, here you configure the settings and automatically create reminders to send to your clients based on how long their invoice is past due. 
  4. Data entry shortcuts: Xero has several data entry shortcuts that you can use, see these here.
  5. Dual screens: Use one screen to read the document and use a second screen to edit. 

These are just some of the tricks that we have come across in our use of these programs. Hopefully, you were able to learn something new that will help the flow of your work, after all, knowledge is for everyone! If you are having trouble getting going with these programs, feel free to contact our team at Coffinity and we can help get your business set up for success.


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