August 18


Best Software Options for Small Businesses

Say you’re a small business, just working to get off the ground; you may be looking to implement a good basis of applications that will benefit your company and streamline the workflow, but not sure where to start. We have gone through recommendations of how companies’ app structures are set, and we’ve narrowed down some key software that we find are good to get you going. 

Hubdoc is a wonderful program that takes all physical documents, scans them, and accumulates it into data that can then be organized and distributed to integrated apps as needed. The era of files, paper contracts, and printed statements is in the past. 

This is the recommended CRM of choice. All client and corresponding company information is stored here, as well as a thread of all contact you’ve had with them including e-mails. The program shows in progressive columns how far each client is in the sales process. As well as integrates with proposal This is all customizable depending on your company’s needs, but it gives a snapshot for each step along the way.

This easy to use time tracking and project budgeter makes it easy for your employees to let you know how well they are spending their time. Hours are tracked in buckets specific to what department, project, and task they are working on, so you as a boss can make sure your team is working wisely. Reports can be exported and customized to focus on a certain team member or project. No time wasted here!

Clickup takes task management to the next level. It doesn’t just keep all of your tasks sorted by department, spaces, lists, tasks, subtasks, and checklists. It is also a hub for meeting notes, document repositories, even easy to access time tracking from the Chrome extension. They consistently have updates coming out for new features, and commendable response time for their help desk.

E-mailing is already seeming like a thing of the past; a lot of correspondence going back and forth. To find details you need to dig through endless threads. Slack has reformed the inter-office communication by elevating basic IMs. Quick direct messages can be sent between two or more people, or specified channels can be set up depending on the topic. This will categorize the conversations and keep people on theme.

Xero and Quickbooks are two accounting software used by most as they encompass nearly all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. It is also the nucleus to which most supplementary apps feed their information to, making it a great basis for your company back office stack. 

For B2B companies with customized solutions or large contract values, proposals are key so that all parameters are set before the business is done. The use of this proposal software is to customize and directly send a sleek proposal to your clients. This also integrates with HubSpot, so where your proposals are at with the clients gets automatically updated in your tracking system. 

Recruitment can be one of the most tedious and important parts of setting up your business for success. The cost of turning over an employee is very expensive, so the more time you spend selecting the right person, the better off you will be in terms of cost. Recruitee first off takes your job ads and creates a career page for your company, it then bottlenecks candidates into pipelines depending on what they applied for while attaching their resume to their profile. You can then set them into stages depending on how far into the hiring process you are; add notes, give ratings, mark if you’ve done any interviews, etc. It gives a pleasant visual to an otherwise slurried setup of options.

While this list should not deter you from exploring other application options, these are the building blocks that we have found most effective a large portion of our clients who need help lifting off the ground. Each company is different, and so these apps may not work as well for you, but they are a great jumping-off point with little overall cost.


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